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 What makes you think I'm suited to coach you? And what makes you think I'm going to be a good coach for you? Well, if I was looking for a coach, I would like someone who has had a successful career and can speak from experience rather than just from theories in books. I would also like to know that my coach has had his own highs and lows in life and business - so he knows how to relate to people who need help as he's been through tough times himself.


I've had more than my fair share of life shocks - two heart attacks in 18months during my early 40s turned my world upside down. Since then I've also had major back surgery, suffered opioid addiction whilst trying to control back pain and have been diagnosed as suffering major coronary artery disease. These have some of the major lows I've endured during the last 10 years - its been a tough battle not just physically but mentally too. But it is in times of deep despair that you learn the most about yourself and how deep your resilience is.


Facing such intense moments and brushes with death has given me unique insights and perspectives on dealing with difficult moments. I have developed strategies and methods for dealing with painful and difficult situations which I believe can be used to help you. I can bring unique insights and provide clarity of thinking to you, as a result of my hugely varied experiences.




Experienced Coaching Professional

I have spent my whole career coaching others - 35 years has given me many insights on how to coach people & businesses.




Experienced Coaching Professional

I've also had a varied and hugely interesting 35-year business career. Having trained as an accountant, I worked as a management consultant for many years advising businesses, charities and public bodies on a wide range of issues from business strategy to new ways of raising revenues. I've also set up several other businesses including an international franchise furniture business working with the Chinese.


I promise all my clients that I will give extra clarity to their thinking, thereby helping improve their lives in whatever sphere they would like to focus.


"Change your thoughts, change your world"

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