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5 Key Life Lessons I've Learned From Cycling

Whilst trying to divert my attention from the discomfort of another hill climb during cycling yesterday afternoon, I realised that cycling has taught me some extremely useful lessons in life. Rule number one is that dressing up in lycra does not make you a better cyclist! Joking aside, these are:

1 No matter what route you take, there will be hills - and some will be steep.

2 It's a lot of fun going downhill! Enjoy and savour those moments;

3 Because, at some point, you will have to face the fact that you will have to climb up that hill too to make progress on your journey. It's one of nature's laws, hills are undulating, for every up there must also be a down.

4 It doesn't matter how fit/strong/resilient you are, some of those hill climbs will be extremely challenging and painful.

5 However, if you keep pedalling, you will realise that you will reach the brow of the hill and overcome even the toughest of climbs. This will give you confidence and self-belief when you have to climb the next hill.

Whatever challenges and discomfort you face, just like any hill you climb ...


Life's challenges are inevitable but nothing in life is permanent...

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