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How to use your superpower to help others

When we achieve success, the first instinct of many of us is to do a Ronaldo-esque slide on our knees to the corner flag and basque in the glory. Helping others rise up and sharing the "how" of our success happens far too rarely. However, I have just come across one of those rarities and wanted to share it with you in the hope that it might nudge some of you into doing the same.

Watching the show Hamilton was definitely one of those "wow" moments in my life. "Wow" moments - they give us goosebumps, take our breath away and elevate our mood and emotions to stratospheric levels!

I've seen the show 3 times and looking for an excuse to see it a 4th time(hint hint!!). It's utterly joyous and intoxicating on so many levels - creativity, choreography, music, passions, artistry of the performers the sheer spectacle... all magically combine to make it truly uplifting.

I'm quite happy to admit my geekishness at all things Hamilton! So imagine my surprise when I saw a book with the words "Hamilton" whilst perusing in a bookshop at the weekend. Of course, I bought it, and devoured it within a day!

The book is a journal by one of the play's main characters, Giles Terera. He shares his experiences, thoughts and emotions throughout his involvement in the show; beginning from his auditions, right through to his last performance, a year later.

What makes this journal so special is that it's been published by the actor to help and inspire others who are striving to achieve a goal. It's not a book to gratify his success - instead, he's done it to give back and help others.

To achieve success, it's the "how" that is of critical importance, NOT the why. This is what the book shows so clearly - the discipline, belief, courage, attention to detail and sheer determination required to achieve success. Aptly, the very first lines of the show involve the actor playing Aaron Burr who asks:

"How does a bastard orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman,.... impoverished in a squalor, Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?"

The easiest and most lucrative path for Giles would have been to write a long autobiography about himself - however, he chose the pinnacle of his career to date, to help others by showing the "how" of his success. He will help countless others with his journal and be a great inspiration to so many others.

Giving back and helping others is a positive attribute, and of course, is an essential requirement of resilience. And by doing so the impact you have on others is also magical as well because you can truly help change a person's life and uplift them from this act of selflessness.

And what's more...we all have this "superpower". So after your next success, forego the Ronaldo slide, instead, use your "superpower!"

I'm keen as ever to hear your stories and experiences on this topic. Please email me at

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