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Ignore "Conventional Wisdom" To Achieve Your Goals

Most of us listen to "conventional wisdom" when we think about what we can achieve, what we should do, and how far we can go in life...based on perceptions such as age, health and talent. However, that leads to most of us adhering to these barriers and accepting such limiting beliefs, thereby preventing us from achieving our full potential.

E.g. let's consider fitness and strength - "conventional wisdom," says this should decline with age...I want to give you my example to destroy this myth.

I've had spinal surgery, 3 heart attacks, approx 50% working heart function -I'm 58 yet I still train regularly in the gym and go cycling to keep fit. I train hard, and listen to my body but still believe in pushing myself. Conventional wisdom states I should only do light exercise and never push myself due to my "disabilities". Yet, I think my fitness/strength is as good as it has been since my 30s.

I posted this picture of myself to prove a point; destroy myths and prove that the only limits to achievements lie in our mindsets.

What "conventional wisdom" are you listening to which is stopping you from reaching your goals? How much further can you go if you ignore your limiting beliefs?

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