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Has The #BeKind Movement Been Forgotten Due to The Pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic has either brought out the best or worst in people. More people than ever have expressed their varied opinions and beliefs on political decisions that have been made and have been speaking out against various injustices that plague the world. Families in lockdown together have been more prone to fall-outs, and social media debates and arguments have become the norm. Lots of fake news and information has spread amongst social media and the internet, causing anxiety in more people than ever. But what happened to the hashtag #BeKind movement which came into great prominence in mid-February?

The #BeKind hashtag and movement was in response to the tragic death of the talented presenter Caroline Flack who took her own life. The pressures of the tabloid articles and tweets became too much to handle, and she took her life on 15th February 2020.

It has been reported that on average, there are over 9,000 deaths from suicide each year in the UK. More have been reported as a result of the pandemic’s restrictions on seeing loved ones and fears for the future in some individuals.

As of 6th May 2020, more than 6.8 million adults have been reported to be suffering from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). It is vital that people should think twice about airing their strong and contentious opinions on social media as you never know who you may hurt and who is vulnerable and susceptible to online hate.

The world would of course be very dull if we all had the same opinions, but we should be expressing these opinions with more kindness. Respecting everyone will generate a better world. People were using the hashtag of #BeKind all across social media and spreading the message and their support for Caroline Flack and her family. However, as soon as the pandemic infiltrated our lives, there appeared to be no sign of #BeKind. With many selfishly emptying the supermarket shelves, leaving those most vulnerable and elderly with little amenities for themselves to survive on. Where has the #BeKind movement gone? It has vanished with the pandemic entering society.

Of course, many have been volunteering their services throughout the pandemic to those shielding from this deadly virus. However, this global hashtag needs to make a resurgence. It is time to turn this hashtag into more of a reality and action. There’s always more we can do to help others. Never allow someone to make you into a cruel version of yourself. Never lose yourself and your good values.

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