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What Are Your "WOW" Moments That Stir Your Soul??

We all have moments when we experience something that really stirs our souls. Mostly, these moments come at unexpected times; we come across something so special, it literally takes our breath away or makes our spine tingle, e.g. listening to a beautiful song, seeing a beautiful sunset etc. We experience elation, extreme joy - our emotions are so dazzled, but all in a positive way!

Such moments are special in many ways; they provide an insight into life's wonderful and glorious possibilities. They also make us realise that no matter what is happening to us at the current moment, we are, ultimately connected to something far greater and infinite that transcends our everyday lives.

It is also a message that we should always have hope; no matter what darkness we face, in time things will be better and we will feel joy once again.

These uplifting moments are special and unique but if you close your eyes, it is possible to recreate a lot of those positive emotions when you recall that "wow" moment. Even if you recreate 70% of the feelings of joy from the original moment, you will still feel good when you open your eyes.

As my picture shows, you don't need to wait for your next big holiday to try and find the "wow" can be the simplest of things/events that stirs your soul.....

Make time to recreate a "wow" moment - your week will be much better for it!

Let me know what are your "wow" moments - I would love to know! Please email me at

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