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Before I understood the significance of resilience, I spent many years trying to deal with and overcome several setbacks from ill-health. It has taken many years of searching, making many mistakes, seeking help from differing specialists to identify which strategies are effective and developing a way of putting them into practice to build my resilience.


As a result, I have created a unique, yet robust approach to help clients change their way of thinking to improve their resilience. My coaching will not only help you overcome your personal challenges but also help you thrive.

Resilience coaching enables people to withstand the impact of adversity and life shocks - e.g. from losing your job, loss of a loved one, suffering a major illness, to name a few. Becoming resilient will ;

  • minimise your anxiety and stress from setbacks

  • make you feel much more confident  to deal with adversity

  • help you lead your life with greater calmness

  • enable you to enjoy your life much more

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