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Awaken Your
Infinite Potential

Do you Lack confidence and don't feel good about yourself?

Do you Never get the promotion or job you deserve?

Do you Struggle to deal with setbacks?

Do you Feel burned out?

resiliency coaching

I have over 25 years of coaching experience and have developed proven methods to ensure you reach your full potential and reach your desired goals.

About Me

professional coaching

Experienced Coaching Professional

I have spent my whole career coaching others - 35 years has given me many insights on how to coach people & businesses.

What makes you think I'm suited to coach you? And what makes you think I'm going to be a good coach for you? Well, if I was looking for a coach, I would like someone who has had a successful career and can speak from experience rather than just from theories in books. I would also like to know that my coach has had his own highs and lows in life and business - so he knows how to relate to people who need help as he's been through tough times himself.

Our Services

Coaching Services

fitness training

Resiliency Coaching

Some people struggle to deal with adversity - knockbacks in life affect their confidence and even cause some people to remain in a rut as a result of their trauma - such as losing their job, divorce, bereavement, etc. 

coaching service vipin

Life Coaching

How many of us live our lives according to our values and beliefs as opposed to trying to be someone whom we think we should be to be liked, successful or to fit in? Very few! At some point most of us realise this and begin to questioning Ourself

infinite potential

Pro Bono Coaching

I am committed and passionate about helping people - I also understand that there are people who are really committed to achieving personal growth and would really benefit from personal coaching but do not have the finances to do so.

What Our Client Have to Say

Vipan has worked with me acting as a mentor providing incredible support and advice during a challenging time for me as a senior executive at my company.He was adaptable to my need which changed considerably from when we first met and really helped me think clearly over some complicated issues and challenges personally and professionally. Work addressing some of my "in-built" limiting beliefs gave me the confidence to take positive action and improved some of my thoughts, habits and behaviours. I have now progressed with a promotion within my organisation to CEO, executing on an exciting vision.

CEO of a global education provider


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