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What people say ...

"Vipan has worked with me acting as a mentor providing incredible support and advice during a challenging time for me as a senior executive at my company.

He was adaptable to my need which changed considerably from when we first met and really helped me think clearly over some complicated issues and challenges personally and professionally. Work addressing some of my "in-built" limiting beliefs gave me the confidence to take positive action and improved some of my thoughts, habits and behaviours. I have now progressed with a promotion within my organisation to CEO, executing on an exciting vision."

CEO of a global education provider

"I loved the way the course was structured. It allowed me to work through the concepts  at a pace that was manageable, so i felt like I was making strong, swift progress but never overwhelmed.


Vipan was very open to questions so if at any point I was unsure of a concept we could delve into more depth in that area. Each module was flexible enough to allow me to find other ways of looking at the ideas that suited me better - not that it was really ncessary thanks to everything being so well structured. Every section ends with an excercise and a gently prompt to integrate the changes into everyday life. In this way th progress feels organic never forced. 

I really liked the drip feed of new ways of thinking as the next module was started. I'd describe it like mental and emotional Lego - Vipan provides a tool kit that allows you to build something that it truly "You", and being able to see how it all fits together and functions as a whole really gives the user a sense of control".

Ani, Author

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