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8 Performance Secrets Of Great Sportspeople To Use In Your Career

Muhammed Ali, Lionel Messi, Tom Brady, Serena Williams

All were great in their fields and also remained at the top long after their initial success.

What do they all have in common that enabled them to achieve and sustain such remarkable performances?

1 They have a passion and intrinsic motivation for their sport

- This gives them the desire to train and play with the same initial intensity long after their initial success

2 They avoid automaticity in their training

- Their training is never repetitive and mindless; its always done with intensity and with the intention of improving specific aspects

3 They strive for continuous improvement

- They never allow themselves to plateau; they perpetually strive to get better

4 They adopt a focused and deliberate approach to practice

- It's demanding and intense, physically AND mentally

- It focuses on targetted aspects of performance which need improvement

5 Coaches and trainers are fundamental to their success

They provide:

- Unique insights about them and their performance

- Identify and specify tailored training programmes to ensure improvement

- Give independent feedback and perspective

6 They have developed a high sense of self-assessment and self-reflection

- Set goals which focus on processes rather th