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FAO Liz Truss ....3 key lessons to learn from failure

Liz Truss has suffered a catastrophic failure and has been under intense scrutiny and ridicule. Resilience is a key skill to help her to deal with adversity and failure.

If I was coaching/mentoring Liz Trust I would ask her 3 questions to help her deal with failure and assess her resilience...

1 Do you use perspective to assess recent events?

  • Take time to reflect on recent events - perhaps not immediately as your emotions are running so high. But it's important that you assess, reflect AND take ownership of your mistakes. Your honesty will speed up your healing and learning.

  • Use your failure and mistakes as an opportunity for personal growth and to help others.

2 Do you have an optimistic mindset?

  • Resilient people always recover from failures as they have a mindset which ensures that they believe failures as temporary. They don't view failures from rose-tinted glasses but are able to pick themselves up rather than ruminate after failures.

3 What is your purpose in life?

  • Resilient people always have goals and purpose. Failure will not affect this. However, you should revisit and reassess your values, goals and purpose after recent events.


Will you let failure define you? Will you ruminate and be cowed by your experience? Or will you re-assess and rebuild your purpose for the benefit of others?

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